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Heart'nsoul's Elliot and Heart'nsoul's Etta

A very heartfelt and special thank you to Caitlin for our two perfect sibling kittens! Just a month ago, we adopted a black solid female and a blue solid male, and they have already filled our home with tremendous warmth, love, and endless entertainment. We can't imagine life without them! We are thrilled with our babies and so thankful to have them! They play like crazy, cuddle like crazy, and are absolutely adorable in every way!

Caitlin is such a joy to deal with and it is so easy to see and feel her compassion! Caitlin is a very loving caretaker and an amazing person; she is an extremely ethical Persian breeder and very easy to trust. We think the world of her and wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for a Persian kitty! We are forever grateful to Caitlin for all she's done to provide us with such beautiful additions to our family!!!

Dina and Jim

Westport, Connecticut

Heart'nsoul's Hershey

We wanted to add a fur baby to our family and I've always loved cats, especially Persians!! They are lovable, loyal, goofy, and have their own little attitudes! I researched a few catteries, and decided to go with Caitlin at heart n soul because #1 I fell I love with now "Hershey" as soon as I saw her, and #2 because Caitlin was so knowledgeable, about her Persians, wether it was about their health, food, toys, grooming products, she takes excellent care of them from vet visits, to vaccinations, to pedigree, and bloodlines checks to ensure their health, keeping them washed and groomed (which is quite the chore). The different colors she produces in her breeding program are with out a doubt some the most gorgeous I've ever seen. Caitlin is quick to reply and makes the process an easy one! She even met me halfway so we could pick Hershey so we didn't have to put her on a cold plane, we picked her up in March! I will be returning to add another one of Caitlin's beautiful Persian babies to our family!

Jatanna and Family


Heart'nsoul's Winnie and Heart'nsoul's Heidi

Adopting kittens from Caitlin truly made the adoption process incredibly enjoyable and interactive. I adopted my first kitten from her in June 2015, and my entire family fell so deeply in love with Winnie that they too adopted a beautiful kitten from Caitlin. From the first time Caitlin and I exchanged emails Caitlin always replied with detail, and thoughtfulness in regard to what kitten would fit me and my family best. This is why I chose to adopt from Heart’nsoul Persians because she distinguished herself as the best breeder. I was able to follow my kittens life from week 1 up until the 12 week mark with pictures, videos and email updates. It is extremely apparent that Caitlin constantly strives and achieves excellence in regard to breeding, kitten care, health, and placement of each kitten. I would highly recommend Caitlin to any individual who is truly passionate about persians, and seeks a breeder who engages with all kitten buyers before the adoption, and also after adoption. Since bringing home Winnie and Heidi Caitlin has been great with advice for kitten/cat care as well as many other questions. Thank you Caitlin for giving us two amazing family members!

Katelyn and Family


Heart'nsoul's Joey

Thank you Caitlin for the wonderful experience of getting connected with my beautiful persian boy. I selected a black Persian male from Heart n' Soul Cattery and I couldn't be more happy. Not only is he physically beautiful with such soft and rich fur, he is the most loving and sweet little boy I've met. Everyone who meets Joey falls in love with him right away. Thank you for raising such a beautiful boy.

Melissa Rogers

Etobicoke, ON

Heart'nsoul's RoyaLade

I was looking for a Persian cat, but wanted one that was of good quality. I came across Caitlin's website, and after going through all of the information I was convinced that Heart'nsoul was the right place to purchase a cat from. I was looking at Lady (a blue Persian) who was retired. Right from the beginning Caitlin was amazing, she was quick to answer emails and questions even though she is extremely busy. Caitlin agreed to ship Lady to me (I live in Saskatchewan), and took great care to ensure that Lady's health and safely was number one. Caitlin is an amazing person and she truly puts her "Heart'nsoul" into these cats. All of her cats are so well cared for and loved so much, it is unbelievable! Lady's personality is phenomenal, she is the most wonderful cat I have ever owned. She follows us around the house like a dog and craves attention! She is insanely tolerant of my children who constantly pet her and give her hugs. Caitlin does a great job of socializing her cats so that they are ready to transition to their new homes. I cannot say enough good things about Caitlin and the way she runs her cattery, it is very obvious that it is a labour of love for her. If you are looking to add a cat to your family then, I highly recommend Heart'nsoul. Caitlin puts her all into every cat the comes out of there and it truly shows!

Melissa Kovacs

Regina, SK

Heart'nsoul's Tibbs

I just got my first kitten with Caitlin and had a wonderful experience. She was amazingly helpful in helping pick just the right kitten with the right temperament. He is one of the sweetest kittens and you can tell that he was raised with love and care. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a Persian to get their kitten from heart and soul. The kittens are a joy and Caitlin couldn't be more helpful.

Warm regards.

Barb Kerzner

Ottawa, ON

Heart'nsoul's Nana's Star

Some time after losing my last persian at 19 1/2 years of age I began searching for persians to adopt. That is when I came across Caitlin's webpage. I was immediately struck at how beautful and healthy all her kittens/cats looked. It made you want to adopt them all!! As I investigated further I was impressed that she made potential owners fill in a questionnaire regarding what home life the kitten or cat would have. Having made the decision to adopt Star I was further impressed by Caitlin's honesty in describing her cat/kitten's personality. She is to be commended for her honesty and I believe wisdom which prevents her animals from going to homes that may not give her cats the home she wants for them.

She and her husband Jerry even delivered Star to me from quite a distance, which is very kind of them to say the least. Star is a perfect companion not only a beautiful cat but the sweetest personality and I am very lucky to have her.

Needless to say I would highly recommend Heart 'N Soul cattery for anyone who is prepared to give a beautiful cat or kitten a loving forever home.


Toronto, ON

Heart'nsoul's Mystery

"I cannot say enough about Caitlin and heart and soul cattery. I am so happy with my baby girl.

Caitlin is a joy to deal with. She's very supportive and was with me every step of the way In the care and well being of shipping my girl to me. What a joy to see her for the first time at the airport. Caitlin made sure food was provided and comfy bedding so her flight was comfortable.

Mystery arrived healthy and plump (she loves her food) and well socialized and loving. She's going to be a big girl and so very playful.

She has a favorite toy, she takes it with her everywhere. She loves to play fetch. She drops her stick toy at my feet when she wants to play. I throw it and all you can hear is the thumping of her feet as she runs for it and brings it back with her tail full swing in the air and drops it right in front of me. "Again mom". And just a purring!! When she doesn't want to play anymore she takes her stick toy and lays on it. I don't know who gets more entertainment from it. Her or me. :)

I'm very blessed and grateful for her. She has a brother now and she took to him from first site. Very adaptable.

I would highly recommend heart and soul if you're looking for a new addition to the family. Know that you will get all the support and a healthy Persian from Caitlin.

I've made the best decision Finding her site and getting to know a personable and loving breeder who cares unconditionally for the well being of her babies and clients as well.


Heart'nsoul's Pria

"When we were looking to add a persian kitten to our family, Heart'nsoul's website stood out above the rest. So much so that we flew from B.C. to Ontario to pick up our precious Pria and we couldn't be happier. She is an amazing little girl who's stolen our hearts! Caitlin was wonderful to deal with and worked with our schedule to ensure we were able to get Pria only days after having a baby herself! Such a commitment to her fur babies made us comfortable knowing we were getting the best of the best and her dedication shows in the amazing quality and personality of our kitten. Everyone who met her along the way home and afterwards has fallen in love with her outgoing nature and beautiful looks. Thank you Heart'n soul's!

Aimee and Dave"

Heart'nsoul's Mango

"We are super happy with our kitten from Heart n' Soul Persians. Mango had the cutest pictures on Caitlin's website and when he arrived he was just as lovely as he looked online. He is so sweet and cuddly and fit into our house with other cats and kids no problem. We joked that we were waiting for something to happen, some problem to show up because he is perfect. But so far he continues to amaze and entertain us.

Any questions I had Caitlin answered right away and was exceptional to deal with. Thank you so much for such a beautiful, happy addition to our family. :)

The Larsens"

Heartnsoul's Bucket

""Bucket" has proven to be everything you described and has filled a spot in our hearts that was empty. He is very affectionate but is also content to be just close by if we pare busy. He has his mischievous moments and is up, down and everywhere in a flash but settles down and happy to be near us. We had him to our vet for his needles and check up and he won her heart as well. He is eating and drinking well and growing like a weed. We will keep you updated

Thank you for the smiles and chuckles he gives us - we love him!!

George & Ann

SpringValley Maple"

Heart'nsoul's Lil-Bit-A-Sexy


Heart'nsoul's Dancing With Angels

"I had just lost my Persian cat to old age, so I was in need of companionship. I was very sensitive from this loss, so I knew

I had to do my homework to find a reputable breeder with healthy cats. I exhausted all of my research and could not find a single bad thing said about Heart n' Soul, so I knew that was the way to go.

I had the unique opportunity to get not only a kitten (Pancake), but the kittens mom (Holly) too, as Holly was retired. Getting the two of them was honestly the best decision ever, they are best buds. They are very lovable, playful, and gorgeous I am thankful for them everyday.

Caitlin was so great and accommodating to us, she even drove to Mississauga so it would be closer for us to pick up our kitties.When we got our kitties you could tell they were both very well cared for, they were nicely groomed, and very social.Their vet check up was a breeze, and they're both healthy kitties. Caitlin has such a good understanding of all her cats and their personalities, and she truly loves them all. Even after we bought our cats she followed up with us.I would 100% use Heart n' Soul Persian if I were to buy another cat, and I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get a Persian.

Thank you so much Caitlin,

- Courtney "

Heart'nsoul's Out Of The Blue

"I searched for a long time for a reputable breeder who I knew loved the cats more than the business of selling cats. Caitlyn was up every three hours for weeks with my cat Blue, bottle feeding him because he was the runt and his mom didn't produce enough milk.

My Blue is such a sweet boy and we love him so much! He is great with my other senior cats ( although he wants to play with them when they want to sleep). He always wants to be where the action is. He follows me around everywhere I go and starts to purr instantly with a good neck scratch or a head kiss. He needs a lot of play time or he starts running around like a spaz. If we could have the energy to play all day, so would he. He is smart so we have to change the play time to a different toy from the pile every day or he gets bored. He loves being high up on a perch, window sill or a cat tree and never scratches the furniture, only his cat tree. I clip his nails in 2 minutes with no complaints. He just sits there and takes it patiently. Blue always uses the litter box.

Caitlyn's cats are amazing. I am bugging my husband to adopt one of his cousins because I know it will be a well adjusted, healthy, loving kitty. If you have the time and energy in your life to love a Persian, you have come to the right place..



Heart'nsoul's Ali


Heart'nsoul's Ziggy

"Dear Caitlin

I bought a Persian kitten from another breeder for my grieving parents. They had just lost their seventeen year old persian and I thought a new kitten would help. Unbeknownst to us the kitten had a congenital liver problem and died shortly after they got her. I was beside myself with guilt as I had found this new kitten for them. I decided to go back online and look for a new breeder, someone I could trust!! I was fortunate to find the heartnsoul cattery website and was immediately impressed by the questionnaire. The fact that the breeder truly cared who bought her kittens made me feel better.

Just as she was concerned about her kittens fate I was concerned about finding the right breeder for my parents. I was concerned about the health of the kittens and the possible problems that could arise with this breed. Caitlin impressed me with her knowledge of the different problems associated with this breed and assured me of the health of her kittens.

Caitlin recommended two kitten for my parents and we got Ziggy and Ali a boy and a girl. At the delivery I had the pleasure of meeting Caitlin and after talking with her knew that she is an amazingly caring, wonderful woman and perfectly suited to breed kittens. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn her involvement with rescuing animals. She is definitely very selfless!!!

The kittens are a wonderful addition to my parent's home and they are very playful and loving. I just want to thank you Caitlin for being so caring and considerate and for following up to check on the fur babies. I definitely know where to send anyone looking for a persian kitten. The HeartnSoul cattery because it is simply the best. The Tukara Family Ted, Mary,

Margaret and Marie"

Heart'nsoul's Misty Blue

"Dear Caitlin,

I wanted to write to you, and let you know what an amazing job you do as a breeder. I was referred to Heart n’ Soul cattery by my veterinarians office. From the first time I read through your website, I knew that your cattery was the best choice for my family. Caitlin is a master at assuring her kittens are well socialized,loved,and integrate into a family quickly. Caitlin is very honest, and takes every precaution to make sure her kittens are healthy. Our family adopted a beautiful blue persian named Misty. We absolutely LOVE her. She is so much fun,loves to play, and cuddle (she sleeps right by my pillow every night!!!!) She keeps our household very lively, and gets along great with our other cat (Lucky) as well. She purrs constantly even when she is sleeping. On our first visit to the vets office she was purring so much that the vet had to distract her in order to listen to her heart. Caitlin is very helpful at each stage of the adoption process and afterwards—she follows up to make sure that all is well. I would recommend Heart n’ Soul cattery to anyone looking for a quality persian kitten. We love our kitten, and would definitely adopt another one with Caitlin. Thank you so much Caitlin for being such a caring, and thorough breeder. You can always tell when someone loves their job. You get wonderful results like this. Thanks for this wonderful gift.

The Gates Family."

Heart'nsoul's Twisted Perfection

"Dear Caitlin ~ Heartn’soul Persians,

We would just like to express our sincere gratitude and happiness on becoming the new family for “MOO”! He’s an absolute delight and has the most unreal, affectionate and gentle disposition! As a family with three young children, it was paramount that while looking for a new kitten, that he/she had been well socialized and loved – it’s SO apparent that Moo has come from an extremely loving home. I was shocked at how well he adapted to his new environment – it’s like he’s always been with us in our home! He’s absolutely beautiful and we are so lucky to have him! I would highly recommend Heart n’ Soul Persians to anyone interested in investing into a life-long fur-friend. Thank you, Caitlin, for being so thorough with the buying and shipping process and most of all, trusting. My children adore him and he adores them, too! I feel like I could ramble on and on about how wonderful he truly is – in a nutshell, he’s a little bundle of Persian Masterpiece meets bundle of furry love! We’re SO lucky to have you, Moo! Thank you, Caitlin, for breeding such premium quality cats and for caring for your animals in such an admirable way.

Kind Regards,

The Furtado Family ~ Tara, Libral, Hazen, Vienna and Audrina! (And Porscha, Chevy and MOO, too!)

Victoria, BC

Heart'nsoul's Rainin Kizzes

"I received a beautiful little persian male cat we received from Heart'nSoul. Dexter (his new name) was exactly as described to me in the adoption section of the web site. This is the first time I had received a cat from a Cattery as typically we had gotten older cats from the Humane Society. In my opinion there is a difference. Obviously at the Cattery, Dexter was well cared for and loved, as he is the most affectionate and tolerate cat we have ever had. Our 2 year old grand daughter loves him, and I know the feeling is mutual as Dexter follows her around all day, and they switch off in playing tag - so sweet!!

I would definitely recommend Heart'nSoul to other cat lovers.

Leah Wood

Regina, SK."

Heart'nsoul's Bijou

"I just wanted to give a testimonial for Caitlin and her Cattery. I saw my kitten, Bijou in an add from Kijiji at 3 days old...I quickly looked up Caitlin's Cattery and was immediately impressed by the fact I had to fill out a questionnaire!! I could tell she was really interested in WHO would purchase her kittens. We communicated by messages and soon enough Miss Bijou was mine!! Now came the hard part....the long wait!!! Caitlin was so kind as to give me weekly photos and videos to make the wait go quicker which I so appreciated and really helped me to "bond" with Bijou even before I got her. When we got Bijou she was so calm and just came into my arms.

Caitlin provided a booklet with all the info we would need along with plenty of food so we wouldn't have to run out and get any.

From the minute we put Bijou down on our floor she started exploring...she wasn't afraid of our 3 dogs or older cat, talk about a well-adjusted kitten!! Bijou likes everyone she sees and purrs non-stop! She and my youngest dog have become BFF's...they are always playing together.

Whenever I have needed anything from Caitlin she is there for me, I know she has gone BEYOND what a breeder has to do and I so appreciate it...I consider her to be a good friend now.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a Persian cat and I would purchase from her again in a heartbeat :)

Simone Haid

Kitchener, ON"

Heart'nsoul's Moses

"I would highly recommend getting a kitten from Caitlin. She is a very knowledgeable and honest breeder. She kept me updated on my kitten with pictures and always answered my questions promptly. I am so happy that I found Heart n' Soul Persians. After searching through many websites, I finally found the kitten I wanted. He was purring and happy to see me the day I picked him up at the airport, and I was happy to see him, too! He is such a sweet kitten with a great personality! 

Shannon Soderlund

SkookumCreek Persians

McCleary, WA"

Heart'nsoul's Lost My Marbles


Heart'nsoul's Lil-Fire-Fly

"I met Caitlin from Heart'nSoul at the International Centre where she was showing her Gorgeous Cats!! I told her my story of loosing two of my Himalayn's over the past year and that I had one of the Brother's left Jonah and he was now 15 years old and and had also rescured a Beautiful Persian Girl. She listened to me and was very empathatic and gave me her card and recommending the name TLC of a wonderful Dry Cat Food to checkout as I could not beliver how Beautiful the Coats were on her cats. She let me pet him and that just literally "Stole my Heart" . I told Caitlin that Jonah my 15 year old my missing his Brother & Sisiter so much that he was pineing and crying constantly as he really missed them and I also was missing my Baby Girl Missy terribly who had not been gone very long. I told her we were concidering getting "A Baby" for Jonah but I really wanted another Girl and a Seal Point Himmy like Missy!! Well as time passed I kept checking out Caitlin's website and just starting to "FALL IN LOVE" I checked out all the pictures of the Cattery which was spotless and read the Testimonials and the Pictures of the Cats and Kitten's we so Stunning I could not help but going back and looking!! I finally contacted Caitlin and told her of my situation and at first I was thinking of adopting one of her older cats (but She was already spoken for) as she reminded me of Missy. Caitlin listened to my whole story and her advise was absoutely right to bring in a Kitten for Jonah to perk him up and he could get his mind off himself and he would hopefully play again!! So I that point I knew she was right so my Husband and I decided to Adopt Fire who is now Sydney a lttle Red Boy!! We brought him home and it was"Instant Love for all of us" ~~Jonah started to clean him and Syd trusted Jonah right away so I knew we had done the right thing!! Then my wheels started turning as I saw Syd running a playing and I thought I did not want him to grow up alone as Jonah is now getting older. Well it did not take long I was back on the phone with Caitlin and I saw Marbles and Just fell in Love again. Again I asked Caitlin who would be a good match for Syd and she suggested Marbles who is now "Otis" because he was really layed back and would would probably get along good with Syd... well needless to say it was a "Perfect Match" they are just so Adorable, Loveable and Social and there is not a moment in the day that I can not say that I am not Happy that I got "MY TWO BOYS TOGETHER" ~~ Double the fun!! They are so Sweet and Loving and are in bed with me and under the covers purring or sleeping on our Pillows. Caitlin produces the most Beautful and social Kittens and I would highly recommend her for her Honesty, being Very Professional and truly wants the best home for each and every Kitten.The have been neurtured in a Loving home and been brought up by Caitlin her Husband Jerry and her three Beautiful Childeren. I could not be any Happier each day and Thank God for these Beautiful Creatures and that he has given Caitlin the Gift of Love and Knowledge and Expertise to Breed these Beautiful Persians. Thankyou for everything that you have done for me before, during and after Adopting my Beautiful Boys!!!

P.S. They even get along with my Bird Ella who walks around the House~~I guess they think she is another Kitten!! :)

Love you Caitlin

Jeannie, Don Sydney & Otis


Heart'nsoul's Vanilla Mousse


Heart'nsoul's Lil-Bit-A-Sunshine

"I can't say enough good things about my experiences with HeartnSoul.My

two boys, Sunny and Mousse, have so obviously been raised in a loving,

healthy environment.I originally intended to adopt just one cat, but I

was so taken with the cats' personalities in the videos Caitlin sent me

that I just fell in love with them both.Upon our first meeting, they

were immediately affectionate--full of purrs and kitty kisses.Sunny just

loves to curl up next to me or sprawl out in the sun.Mousse is so

mischievous--always chasing and play-fighting.Even my animal-shy little

girl adores them.

From the beginning, Caitlin's thoroughness in looking for a suitable

family for her 'cat kids' assured me that this was a lady who LOVED her

cats above all else.Her advice and experience have been invaluable to

me--both before and after adoption.She went above and beyond what most

people would do to make the transition as easy as possible for both

myself and the cats.I feel completely comfortable in contacting her

about any concerns, now and in the future.In fact, I've already passed

on many of her recommendations to family and friends who own cats. I

haven't just adopted a pair of sweet little princes, I feel like I've

made a friend.


Heather and Veronica"

Heart'nsoul's Cocoa Infusion


When I stumbled upon your website it was love at first sight. First I fell in love with the stunning photography, the way you capture the personality of each kitten is amazing. You have a real talent for photography! Second, but most important, I fell in love with your cat's and kitten's. They are all so unique and beautiful. As soon as I saw Noelani I knew she was the one for our family. I had been wanting a chocolate Persian for a very long time. I did a lot of research and your kitten's were by far some of the best looking I have ever seen. You were so helpful answering my many, many, many question's:) You made me feel so comfortable with how loving you seem with all of your animal's, as well as your children. I knew immediately I could trust you and that is so important when bringing in a new pet into your home. Initially we were going to have her shipped to us and when you offered to go out of your way and drive and meet us, you were really going above and beyond. When we finally got to meet in person I felt an immediate connection to both you and Noelani, and I just know that this is just the start of a life long friendship. The insight and knowledge you continue to provide me is so wonderful and I appreciate it more than you know. I know more than likely in the future we will be adding another kitten from you! Noelani is a loving, playful and of course gorgeous kitten, and we are so proud to call her our's.I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your patience and kindness, and for allowing Noelani to join our family. You are a wonderful and professional person and breeder.

Thank You for everything!

Staci and Chad

Columbus, Ohio"

Heart'nsoul's Spirit-of-Noel

"Recommendation for Caitlin Winn – Heart’n Souls Cattery

It had been a while since I had a kitty in my life because I felt that it was impossible to replace the bond I had with Cookie -- that is, until Noel found me.

Noel is more than I could have ever asked for! It goes without saying that she is certainly beautiful (she is of course a Persian!) – but that statement is only about appearance! Noel selected me, and I could not resist her! She is playful, loving, cuddly and affectionate, and incredibly smart! And it is so obvious that Noel is this way because she has been loved and cared for by a family- - specifically children --- which has allowed this kitty to flourish and be as beautifully socialized as she is!

Caitlin’s Heart’n Souls Cattery was one of the many catterys that I researched. It was Caitlin’s care and attention to her animals that impressed me; Caitlin is outspoken about breeder responsibility and belongs to a network of caring breeders that do not cut ‘corners’ regarding their animals, and whose welfare is first and foremost. Her dedication is amazing, and the more I found out about Caitlin and her devotion to her animals, the more impressed I was.

I am now the lucky mommy of a beautiful soul-pet, one who calls me her own. It can happen twice in a lifetime, so how lucky am I?

In love with Noel,

Licia Donadonibus"

Heart'nsoul's Tinsel of Meow House

"Dear Caitlin,

I wanted to write you about my experience in getting Tinsel. I fell in love with her look when I first saw her and felt she would be such a wonderful addition to my small cattery. You were responsive and answered all my questions. Getting her from Toronto to Dallas wasn't the easiest journey, but I appreciate all your efforts in that regard.

Tinsel came happy and beautiful! It is obvious from our email conversations and Tinsel herself that you care very much about both your cats and your customers. You provided all needed information promptly.

What I love about Tinsel, is that from the beginning, she comes to me when I approach her, and as soon as I pick her up, she purrs! Only a kitten that has been properly socialized would do this from the first moment of coming into a new home.

I am thrilled to have her as part of my feline family.

Thanks for everything; I couldn't be happier with this beautiful girl!

Shannon McGraw"

Heart'nsoul Ebony of Blue Poppy

"I wanted to let you know that Cricket is doing well. She is a real character. She is the queen of the house and makes sure everyone knows it. She is now having her 1st litter. I can't wait to see her babies as I am sure they will be as beautiful as she is. Thank you for sharing Cricket with me.



Blue Poppy Himalayans


Heart'nsoul's Micro Sensation

"Dear Caitlin,

This is our 3rd kitten from Heartn’Soul. Our little boy “Micro Sensation” which was the size of a coke can when he came home with us last October (remember that Caitlin?). He is now over 8 lbs and the BEST cat ever! He has the best personality and every feature is picture perfect. We plan to show him next month. He is a joy to have in our cattery and we are thankful every day that we get to love him up on a daily basis. Thank you for another wonderful kitten!

Thank you for Micro.

Hugs Denise and Jeff

Cape Cod, Massachusetts"

Heart'nsoul Leo's One and Only

"As FYI, Leah (who we've renamed Kodi as in a Kodiak Bear) is Perfect! She purrs like crazy and kneads and loves to sleep beside you all night. She is soooo sweet!!!

You did a great job in raising her and I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a beautiful perfect Persian kitty! I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you and working thru the process of finding our perfect new baby!!

I will keep you posted! Call me or email me any time and I'll give you an update.

Take care and best of luck with your program! I look forward to following your progress on Facebook!

Kim & Milt

Suwanee, GA"

Heart'nsoul's Mackin It Up

"Recently we adopted the cutest little ball of fur, a Brown MacTabby Persian named Mac from Caitlin Winn's Heart'n Soul Cattery. This is our 2nd kitten from Heart'n Soul, which is a true testament to the genuine satisfaction that we have experienced with our 1st kitten, Missy, also a Brown Mac tabby Persian, whom we adopted this past summer. It never ceases to amaze me how sociable, happy, healthy & playful Caitlin's kittens are, and little Mac is no exception. He settled right in and learned quickly that Missy has been the "queen" of the household, but now, only a few days later, they are good friends playing together and chasing each other around the house as if it were a NASCAR racetrack! All kidding aside, Caitlin has done (and continues to do) a remarkable job consistently raising happy, healthy and well adjusted kittens, traits that we, and I'm sure most potential buyers, are looking for in a new kitten. Because Missy has been such a loveable well adjusted kitten, we were confident that little Mac would display the same traits, and we were right! Thank you, Caitlin, for the untiring and endless time that you have spent and continue to spend raising these little fur kids. I would highly recommend your Cattery to anyone interested in adopting a Persian or Himalayan kitten. One certainly wouldn't be disappointed!

Bob & Mary Anne

Port Dover, ON"

Chamagoura's Dream of Heart'nsoul

"Hi Caitlin

Just a note to let you know how our girl is ....she`s amazing! Dream had no problem adjusting to our home. I tried to give her space and put her in a room so she could adjust slowly but she cried when I shut the door so I opened the door, she strolled out of her bedroom and no doors have been shut since.No adjusting necessary! She`s had a bath and you know how that goes she was an angel. Scott thought that was crazy as he has never seen a cat in the bath before! I love her so much Caitlin and already couldn`t image life without her. Thank you so much for my girl and we hope you can come and visit, you're always welcome.

take care and big hugs

Kim Freeman

Dutton, ON"

Heart'nsoul's Dream Rocket

"Our Lilac Point has been nothing short of affectionate, curious, and playful! He has been absolutely wonderful with the children, very sociable and easy going. He’s a kitten that has been able to, on many occasions, catch our attention for hours on end and has been an absolute blessing to bring home to the family. All who come in contact with him love him. Whether we’re reading the paper, making the beds, or cooking up dinner, he’s always gracing us with his presence and let me tell you, he sure knows how to express himself with his melodious voice!

Thank you Caitlin, for sharing your abundance of knowledge about Himalayans with us and breeding such a beautiful, luxurious breed. Dealing with you has been a great experience to say the least. Q has been a wonderful addition to our family and we can’t wait to create long lasting precious memories with him by our side!

Thank you for our healthy and loving Q!

Edie & family

Toronto, ON"

Heart'nsoul's Meadow of Dreams


Heart'nsoul's Betty Boop


A special thank you for the wonderful kittens that we have adopted from you. Not only did we receive two valuable kittens for our cattery but we also made a very special friend along the way, We can honestly say, with no exaggeration, that the quality, purchasing and delivery experience, and the support thereafter has been far above and beyond what we expected.

For anyone considering a purchase from Heart'NSoul, we enthusiastically recommend Caitlin as an honest, ethical and responsible breeder of Himalayans and Persians. You can feel fully comfortable that you will receive a clean, healthy, veterinarian checked kitten or pet, with documented health records and test results for PKD, FIV and FeLV. Caitlin and her family are loving caretakers for the cats and kittens in her cattery. You will find that they are well socialized and easy to bring into a new household. If you are an occasional pet buyer or an experienced cattery owner there should be no hesitation in purchasing a cat or kitten from Caitlin.

Thank you for Meadow and Betty.

Hugs Denise and Jeff

Cape Cod, Massachusetts"

Heart'nsoul's Lil Miss Muffet

"This is my 2nd adoption of a kitty from Caitlin’s Heart’nSoul. On July 27th, I adopted Rascal, which I named Mykah and was so pleased with his personality, temperament, and absolute all-round cuteness that I decided to adopt his sister Missy about 3 weeks later. And…what playmates they are…they are constantly together or just 5 seconds behind each other…they wrestle and play and bat toys back and forth. Missy is just a doll with the same great personality as Mykah, but unique in her own way. Caitlin, I can’t thank you and your family enough for providing them with such a caring, loving home and taking the time to socialize all your kitties so those of us who adopt them have such lovable, healthy little fur balls to enjoy for many years to come.



Heart'nsoul's Lit'l Kitty FuFu

"After researching several Persian catteries on the internet , I discovered Caitlin and her Heart'nSoul Cattery. I read her website in entirety and realized that Caitlin is a very caring, knowledgeable and responsible breeder , one who would produce happy, healthy and sociable kittens, the very qualities in a kitten that we were looking for. We adopted a little brown tabby Persian girl we named "Missy" a very active, healthy and happy kitten who you'd think had lived with us forever as she easily adjusted to her new surroundings almost immediately. Missy loves to cuddle, play and purrs non stop. We love her to bits. The love, compassion and care that Caitlin has given to her kittens and cats are very evident in our little Missy. I would highly recommend Caitlin Winn's Heart'nSoul Cattery to anyone wishing to adopt a Persian kitten. Thank you, Caitlin, and your family.

Bob & Mary Anne

Port Dover, ON"

Heart'nsoul's Little Rascal

"What a wonderful experience it was getting a kitty from Caitlin. I recently adopted “Rascal” now known as “Mykah” from Heart’nSoul. I am so pleased with his temperament and the way he has adjusted to his new home. He has easily adapted to traveling back and forth to the cottage and has comfortably fit in with my 3 dogs and older cat. Besides being an absolutely gorgeous, healthy kitty, he is a real cuddler....just what I wanted. From the first time I talked to Cait, I could tell she was a kind, gentle person who truly loved all animals. As the kitties are raised in such a loving environment (from Jerry and Caitlin right down to their 3 children) they make extremely well socialized and affectionate pets. Cait spent time discussing many things with me including which personality would be the best fit for me and my furry family. She was bang on with “Rascal”…he is a wee bit mischievous and really smart….he has to be in order to put up with my 3 pesky dogs. Dr. Julie Boutin, Cait’s Vet, confirmed that Cait was a very caring and responsible breeder. My conversation with Dr. Boutin was extremely uplifting and I felt very secure in my choice of getting a kitty from Heart’nSoul. Also, thank you Cait for being there to help me get through the passing of my older cat, Max….I will always remember the advice and comfort you provided with your calls to check on him. You are truly a sincerely thoughtful and caring person. I feel grateful to have found you and being able to adopt one of your precious kitties. I would highly recommend you to anyone thinking of adopting a new furry family member.


Hamilton, Ontario"

Heart'nsoul's Mr. Popper

“Heart’nSoul was the only way to go when it came to picking my boy. Health and socialization were top on my list, and all of the babies more than exceeded my expectations. But who knew that all this as well as stunning good looks and personality to boot was possible? My boy Pauper (once Mr.Popper) has it all, and I love him to pieces. He’s forever under my feet, looking for loving, and purrs the moment I pick him up. He’s a great boy, and I couldn’t have gone anywhere else for a kitty of his caliber. Thank you so much Heart’nSoul!


Barrie, ON”

Heart'nsoul Bailey's Witha Twist


Heart'nsoul's Luvly LuLu

"I recently adopted two kitties from Heart'nSoul Cattery. They are both gorgeous tabby persians who happen to be mother and daughter. For Caitlin this is a labour of love and she is a true "cat person". She loves all her kitties and takes excellent care of them. They are well socialized, happy and healthy. My new kitties got a great start in life and it's so good to know they came from such a reputable cattery. Caitlin is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new addition to their family.



Heart'nsoul's Tootsie Roll

"I have known Cait for a few years and have been waiting for the purrfect kitten to join our home and breeding program. Cait is a sweet, extremely caring person, both about people and animals. She loves her cats dearly and always does right by them first.

When Cait announced she had a female available, it was love at first sight for us.

The process was straight forward, uncomplicated and Cait did everything necessary to ensure the kitten was healthy. She was also diligent in ensuring the kitten would be safe and comfortable in travel.

When home, the kitten showed she was well socialized, adapted very well to our home, and kids. She was healthy and purrfect! Exactly what we were looking for.

I would highly recommend Heart'NSoul to anyone looking for a kitten- pet, show or breeding.

Janessa Trudel: Archadtz Himalayans & Persians


Heart'nsoul's Chunks Ahoy!

"Great things come to those who wait," there are no other words to describe how happy I am with Heart'nsoul Cattery. I have followed this cattery for a year waiting for the right kitten for me, and I finally found him! Chunk is the most beautiful cat I have ever met. He has a great personality and very friendly. When we got him home from the airport he hopped out of his kennel and started to play with us. He purrs non-stop, everyone who meets Chunk falls in love with him. He is a gentle cat, he lets me bathe him, no hassle. He loves my 5yr old niece, sometimes I find those two watching cartoons together. I am absolutely happy with him, he is healthy, loving, and a joy to my family. He is not considered a pet in our home he is our newest and proud family member! Thank you so very much Caitlin for this opportunity in trusting your beloved kitten to our home, We can not wait to add another!

Inez & Family

Los Angeles, Ca"

Heart'nsoul's Reese's Pieces

"Well what can we say Caitlin, you've done it again...provided us with a happy, socialized, beautiful kitten! We couldn't be happier that we decided to adopt Fudge's (AKA Mishka) brother Reese. My nieces & nephews have started calling him Aslan, because he looks like the lion from The Chronicles of Narnia...I think he likes it ;) He has adapted just as well as we've expected one of your kittens to. He has immediately fit into our family, becoming instant BFFs with Mishka! After only a day, they're already attached at the hip, even insisting on drinking out of the water dish together. We weren't sure what to expect since they hadn't seen each other in 3 months. Needless to say, we were pleasantly shocked by this instant bond. But then again, your cattery's name says it really do put your Heart N Soul into these amazing creatures & it shows!

Thanks again Caitlin & Family!!

Layla & Chad...and Our Chocolate Fur-Kids


CH Heart'nsoul's Onyx Rose

"When we heard that you were going to make Onyx available for adoption, we knew immediately that we wanted to have her. Her daughter, Skye, has been a delight to have and we suspected she got her wonderful personality from her mother. Onyx has lived up to our expectations. She acclimatized to her feline family in two days. She loves to play and charged around the house with Skye and Keara. Even Rascal will play with her. Hugging and petting is highly acceptable, and she has made the new humans her family. We love her and are so appreciative that she was able to come and live with us. Thank you, Caitlin. You make all your kittens and cats social creatures so they can fit in so easily. Keep up the good work!

Heather & Ron


Heart'nsoul's Marshmallow Fluff

"Marshmallow came into our lives in febuary of 2012 since then he has become a beloved member of our family. For me it was love at first site, but Marshmallows charming spunky personality wins over everyone he encounters. Hes been adopted by my boyfriends golden retriever and the two of them are inseperable. I am so thankfull for Caitlin because without her i wouldnt have Marshmallow.

Sincerely Lisa


Heart'nsoul's Tiramisu Heatwave

"Hi there!

Kneesaa is probably the most affectionate cat we’ve ever met! She is super friendly and VERY pretty! In fact, just yesterday we had her at the vet for her spay. The vet couldn’t say enough good things about her – she got through the surgery very well... and it was a lot easier getting that done than it was getting Otis, our other cat fixed. Otis’ face is VERY smushed in and according to the vet he has trouble breathing – she was very worried that he wouldn’t make it through his surgery. He ended up fine, but my point is that we had NONE of those issues with Kneesaa.

Thanks for everything!

Shawn, Lindsay, Jack, Otis & Kneesaa!


Silver Palm Kiss of Heart'nsoul

"Hello Caitlin,

Hope everything is going well with all of you. Oh Kiss is a doll and so funny,lol. She is doing awesome , its like she has always being here, as soon as I get home she comes running and puts her paws on my legs so I can pet her,she is so loveable.

My son brought over his English bull dog the other day and Kiss followed him everywhere,it was so funny to watch. I caught them in the kitchen drinking water side by side ,it was priceless to watch. My second eldest son is thinking about buying a cat from you as well,his daughter is the same age as your daughter and she is in love with Kiss, the teachers said they have never heard her talk so much,she has autism and slower than most children her age but as soon as her dad brings her over its like a different child ,yak yak yak.Yesterday she bought Kiss a new brush and Kiss and her sat for an hr cuddled together on the floor.

Kiss ended up to be a great therapy cat ,lol thank you very much Caitlin you will never know what pleasure she brings to me and my granddaughter.



Scaatycats Dark Side of the Moon

"Junie joined our family a couple months ago. It was obvious that Junie was loved and cared for at HeartnSoul by how quickly she adopted us and claimed her spot at the centre of the family. She is beautiful and has a terrific personality. Junie is a lot of fun to play with. She has a lot of energy and she has her crazy times where she spins through the house yowling. I love her spunk and her attitude. Before we adopted Junie we talked about getting two cats. I would choose and name one and my son could choose the other. Last month he told me that we don’t need to get a second cat. I think that says it all.



Heart'nsoul's Hokey Pokey

"Thank you, everything is great. He is an awesome kitten! We are very pleased with him and having a lot of fun with him. He's a great addition to our family. I will definitely refer you to anybody.

Terry and Family


Dainty Charm's Luvy of Heart'nsoul

"Hi Caitlin,

We just wanted to let you know that Luvy is settling in very well. She loves to play and cuddle and she is always making us laugh with her antics! We will continue to keep you posted on how she is.

Olive & Brighdin


Heart'nsoul's Fudgeo Dream

"Hi Caitlin,

Fudge, who now goes by Mishka, it means little bear in Russian:) is doing great! Chad was off of work with him today, and I am off tomorrow so I'll get to spend the day with him yay! He is sooooooo playful & energetic! I think he has a super charger inside of him, he tears around the house like a maniac at Mach speed. LOL. He did great at the vet..he is in perfect health, but I know you already know that! He is using the pine litter & enjoying his new food, he is eating about a 1/4 of an ounce (so far) of the raw food twice a day & free feeding on the dry. He purrs non stop, and licks our faces like a dog, he is so funny! I can't wait to spend the day with him tomorrow, I was so sad to have to leave him to go to work this morning, especially since he slept right next to me all night. We love him so much already! We can't thank you enough for raising such a social and happy kitten! He has not tried to hide once, he follows us wherever we go and lays down between play fests with us on our couch, which ironically is the same color as he is. I just snapped this photo of him laying next to me to show you, it's a little grainy cause I took it with my iPad. We look forward to sharing many more photos and stories with you!

Layla and Chad


Heart'nsoul's Twinkling Sapphire

"I would like to start off by saying thank you to Caitlin. Caitlin has been absolutely amazing to deal with and has made this a fantastic experience for us. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! We purchased sweet twinkle‘Twinkie’ as my children call her. She is a beautiful blue cream that makes your heart melt. She loves to play with everyone who walks through the door including chasing my children around, she is constantly purring so adorable and loveable. Twinkle has made a wonderful addition to our family. You have done an amazing job!!!!!

Thank you

Kelly, Mike, Brooke and Jaxon xoxo


Heart'nsoul's Mudslide Sinsation


Heart'nsoul's Keeper of Stars

"As you can imagine, we're not getting much done around here other than playing with our new friends! They are absolute sweethearts, so friendly and cuddly. These are the most confident, affectionate kittens we have ever had. Once out of the carrier, it seemed to take them almost no time to get used to us and they have spent NO time hiding under anything. Amazing! They also run around with their tails pointing up most of the time. They are such a great pleasure. You are doing a fantastic job of raising kittens! Thank you! We feel very fortunate to have these guys.

Barbara and Gary


Heart'nsoul's Fudge Furricane


Bourbon is a gorgeous little man, he loves to cuddle and purrs non stop:) I couldn't of asked for a better kitten..we love him!! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to your cats he's perfect because of you!!!!!

Holly & Jeremy


Heart'nsoul's Creme De Cacao

"Latara is my first kitten and I could not be more pleased. I have only had her for a short time and she has already settled in a lot quicker than expected. When she is in the mood to play she is so much fun and full of energy, but when it's time to unwind and relax she is the most lovable and gentle kitten i've ever been around.

Caitlin has done a fantastic job in bringing up these kittens and is so passionate about what she does. I recommend Heart'nsouls cattery to anyone looking for a fun, lovable, and healthy cat. Thank you Caitlin and family!



Heart'nsoul's Lavender Sunset


Heart'nsoul's Cloud Nine

"I researched a lot of catteries before making a final choice. I could tell that Caitlin was very organized and loved that her job was not just a job to her, but a passion. Caitlin is a very down to earth individual that you can tell has spent a lot of time and devotion to her cats. I purchased two Himalayans from her. They are beautiful! They were groomed well, came with pics and a book about them. They are the most affectionate cats I have ever known. Great temperaments. Caitlin has even followed up with me to make sure the kitties are adjusting to their new home fine. A wonderful experience with Heart'nsoul cattery! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a healthy, beautiful, affectionate Himalayan. Thank Caitlin and hubby!



Heart'nsoul's Pixie Dust

"Hi Caitlin,

We've now spent enough time with Pixie to get to know her personality well. She is a very outgoing, happy and playful kitten who makes our family complete. She runs to us for petting when called and follows us around the house, full of curiosity and friendliness. She also loves our older cat; May, and they are practically inseparable. They even sleep in the same bed often, cuddled together. She has been growing a lot lately and is becoming a super model of a cat… gorgeous shades of black and vivid orange eyes, her fur is so soft we don't want to put her down. She's a bit clumsy, but this makes her all the more entertaining to watch as she plays frantically all around the house making funny huffing and puffing sounds that make you smile. Having learned about your cattery and the way you treat your kittens, we could not have picked a better place to get our kitten from and we've been looking for a long time. They are extremely clean, healthy and well socialized. They look and act pampered and proud. We were also extremely happy to learn that you raise them on grain-free food along with raw food. If only other breeders would start to do the same. Your cats are lucky to have such a great home and be treated so well. Thank you for working with these most beautiful cats and for truly doing it from the heart!

Thank you again!

Ana & Max


Heart'nsoul Dreamin of Smores

"Hi Caitlin,

You are as kind and loving as your emails. I am ever so happy that we had the chance to meet. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with Chocolat. He is strong willed, curious, loveable and totally at home. He is so wonderfully socialized and he purrs like crazy! Chocolat watched tv with me, Melissa and Desmond! He romped, purred, played, slept. He is so very good natured and such a happy bundle of love. You were right - he loves his raw chicken. We LOVE him already.

Many, many hugs,



Heart'nsoul's Bring It On!


Heart'nsoul's Sparkling Amethyst

"Caitlin. Cats are unbelievable. I can't stop bragging about them. Does not look like that they had any stress. They are playing non stop. I just got back from the vet. All looks good. Once again thank you. They GORGEOUS and I am very impressed that they are so well socialized.



Heart'nsoul Snow White of WhiteOut


From the first time I saw "Snow White's" pictures online, I fell in love with her. Then picking her up at the airport and getting to hold my beautiful girl for the first time was such a great feeling. Her purring and rubbing on me as soon as I picked her up. Doesn't get much better than that. She is such a girly-girl. Loves attention and her new toys. She is such a beautiful and healthy girl. I am just ecstatic that she is mine and to take her to shows soon. Thanks so much for entrusting me with my beautiful Snow White.


WhiteOut Persians


Heart'nsoul's Breakin Rules


She has been fantastic! We brought her up to our cottage (Sauble Beach) last night - she was the perfect traveler! She has been non stop purring. Slept through the night. I showed her where her litter was. She is now investigating. She is very inquisitive. My parents cannot believe how friendly she is. Caitlin, her disposition and her ability to adjust to her new surroundings is a clear reflection of how well you have raised her.

She is wonderful!

Thank you, xoxo Paula


Heart'nsoul's Autumn Sky


Skye has been to see her new veterinarian who has declared her healthy and beautiful. The vet was very impressed with the care you had given her and the quality of your breeding program. Skye is beautifully socialized has adapted to her new home very quickly. She likes our oldest cat who has decided she is okay too. Skye of energy and curiosity and loves all her new toys. She is a sweet- natured, cuddly girl whom we just love. Definitely an excellent choice for us. Thank you so much.

Heather & Ron


Heart'nsoul's Ample Spirit


He is such an energetic little angel, he played and played until about 12:30 our time. At this point he meowed a few times...we think he was looking for his mama and siblings.... but he didn't take long before he cuddled in with Sarah and started to purr very loudly, being the biggest sook possible. He is absolutely amazing and loves the girls and is so well socialized thanks to you and all of your wonderful mothering skills :) We couldn't be happier with our latest addition.....

Thank-you so much!




Heart'nsoul's Crimson Hibiscus


Crimson is the best pet I have ever had! Everyone loves him.Things are going really well. Crimson is so healthy and full of life; he is my new best friend lol. He mashes his face into mine when he wakes up and still purrs constantly. I think he loves me a lot...I just can't get enough of him. I will give him many kisses for you! I couldn't have asked for a better kitten. Feel free to write whenever you want and I will keep you posted.



Heart'nsoul's Vibrant Zinnia

"Hey there, thought I would send you an update on Abby. She's doing great. She just loves to cuddle...she even greets everyone at the door when they come in. She's exactly what I wanted and more.


Cathy and Dan


Heart'nsoul's Jupiter


I went to the vet today and Jupiter got his shot and a check up.He didn't like the needle, so I bought him a new toy (LOL). He's ok now, running and playing. The vet said he's in great shape and healthy. I made another appointment for next month for his other shot. We all love him a lot and were happy he's here.




Heart'nsoul's Midnight Mystic

"Mystic is gorgeous! He is snooping all around the house and is acting as if he has always lived here. Emma and him are playing with string. His coat is beautiful. We are going to make sure is coat stays as nice as it is today!

Boy can he purr! He is not one bit shy... I love it! My biggest worry was that he might be the kind of Persian that hides under the bed for weeks like our friends Persian.

Last night he played and explored in the spare room while I attempted to sleep (LOL) then around 2 am he settled and slept at the bottom of my bed for the rest of the night. I awoke to him purring and kissing my nose. What a sweetie! I love him already!!



Heart'nsoul's Cupid

"Cupid is absolutely perfect! He's sleeping with me on my head and always putting his paws on my nose :) Loves to play with little ones, he's just amazing baby! I love him very much! And all my big girls are taking care of him as for their kittens.



Dainty Charm Cattery


Heart'nsoul's Hestia

"When i first saw your web-site and saw the photo of Minxy i feel in love with her face... she had the sweetest eyes and expression....and i was looking for a long time for a persian black female.....i was glad to find Minxy.....she is such a sweet personality....her character is so special....she follows me around the house....wakes me up in the morning with little monkey noises ....uh..uh...uh.. and jumps up on my bed and purrs....purrs....and my ears...she is so gentle when i pick her up

and give her food...she has a very good appetite....and loves to run up and down the long hallway.... she is so sociable with my other two boys and plays tag with a small ball and jumps in the air to play or catch both paws... when i write on my computer she is always in my lap and watches me as i type out my vet told me that Minxy was in perfect health..and her paper or portfolio which came with her was complete with detailed description of her parents and health....."she is a good breeder"

i am very happy that i found Minxy.....



Heart'nsoul's Ladder To Heaven


Dealing with you has been such an uplift in my thoughts about a cattery! You have been so professional right from the start. Your wanting to get the best home for your pet was wonderful. The papers we had to fill out showed you cared about your cats.

Right from the being to the end you were involved with a care that is priceless. Not only were you a person of your word you delivered everything you said you would. You gave us our little fellow and along with him came many things to groom him and toys to play with. That showed me you were concerned that he was going to be well care for.

The follow ups you supplied me with were awesome! You just didn’t sell me a cat, you sold yourself as a fantastic breeder. I can tell by the loving ways of our little fellow. You can tell he has been nurtured with love because he has all the traits of a well breed cat. He sits on our laps, nuzzles up under our chin, greets us at the door when we come home, goes up to all our guest when they arrive and allows them to pet him, he plays with all the toys you sent with him and that all can come from only you preparing him for loving homes. You just don’t breed cats, you breed cats that are well adjusted and tender and loving.

I don’t know what else to say except that even after the sale you are there for your clients and that alone is beyond the call !

I will tell anyone that if they are interested in getting a cat to check with you first. The experience has been so rewarding!!

Lovingly, Elizabeth and Gabrio Mulatti


Heart'nsoul's Ladder To Heaven


Dealing with you has been such an uplift in my thoughts about a cattery! You have been so professional right from the start. Your wanting to get the best home for your pet was wonderful. The papers we had to fill out showed you cared about your cats.

Right from the being to the end you were involved with a care that is priceless. Not only were you a person of your word you delivered everything you said you would. You gave us our little fellow and along with him came many things to groom him and toys to play with. That showed me you were concerned that he was going to be well care for.

The follow ups you supplied me with were awesome! You just didn’t sell me a cat, you sold yourself as a fantastic breeder. I can tell by the loving ways of our little fellow. You can tell he has been nurtured with love because he has all the traits of a well breed cat. He sits on our laps, nuzzles up under our chin, greets us at the door when we come home, goes up to all our guest when they arrive and allows them to pet him, he plays with all the toys you sent with him and that all can come from only you preparing him for loving homes. You just don’t breed cats, you breed cats that are well adjusted and tender and loving.

I don’t know what else to say except that even after the sale you are there for your clients and that alone is beyond the call !

I will tell anyone that if they are interested in getting a cat to check with you first. The experience has been so rewarding!!

Lovingly, Elizabeth and Gabrio Mulatti



August 31st, 2021