July 22nd, 2018

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We will not sell kittens with breeding rights in Ontario, Canada.

I ask that you please take the time to read the following links to help you better understand our requests, terms and conditions BEFORE inquiring about one of our kittens.

AFTER you have READ the following links, please click on and fill out either the "breeder questionnaire" or "Pet Questionnaire" to inquire about a kitten.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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All Heart'nsoul kittens leave:

  • Vet checked a minimum of two times (8wks and 12wks)
  • Age appropriate vaccines (minimum of two FVRCP)
  • Fully dewormed (veterinary grade dewormer)
  • Microchipped
  • From FIV/FeLV negative & PKD DNA negative parents

If you have filled out the questionnaire and I have not responded, please send me a reminder email at [email protected] 



He will NOT be leaving unaltered - NO EXCEPTION. 

BROWNIE IS BEING RETIRED!!! He is the  FIRST solid chocolate Persian in the world to become an International Grand Champion. Brownie is an amazing boy, with lots of love to give! He even gives hugs! He is a happy boy, that enjoys playing (especially with catnip toys LOL). 

CFA GC & CCA SMGC, NW, BW Heart'nsoul's Sexy N I Know It (aka: Brownie)
DOB: November 28th, 2011 

He does NOT spray; never has. And he is a very clean boy. We love Brownie very much and badly wanted to keep him ourselves however we have Brownie's father in our home and they would fight. So; aside from keeping him in the cattery for his life, this is the only choice we have… the right choice. We are however being VERY picky about where he goes. He will NOT be shipped via airplane anywhere.

Brownie would do best in a home without other cats; however he could live in a home with female cats.

Brownie will be neutered before leaving, updated on vaccines and is microchipped. He is fully dewormed, PKD and FIV/FeLV negative.



Brown Tabby MALE
DOB: May 06th, 2018

$950 includes neuter, three veterinary examinations, 2 FVRCP vaccines and full deworming. From PKD and FIV/FeLV tested negative parents. 
Labatte is such a sweet and beautiful boy. Just look into those gentle eyes of his. The photos truly do not do him justice. He is a very dark and striking brown mack tabby. He is a great mix of cuddly and playful. His purr machine works fabulously and he would make a great addition to any home! I know once you meet him, you will immediately fall in love.


Brown Mack Tabby MALE
DOB: May 01st, 2018

Sprite is a real gentle soul and purrs the moment you touch him. He CRAVES attention and with a face as adorable as his, how can you possibly deny him? He would be happy to keep your lap warm during a Walking Dead marathon OR would keep the little one occupied by chasing cat teasers or lasers all day LOL. He really is a wonderful little boy that will make your family complete!

Sprite will be fully examined by a licensed veterinarian twice and will receive two FVRCP vaccines before leaving our care. He has been fully dewormed and is out of PKD and FIV/FeLV tested negative parents. 



Brown Mack Tabby Persian Female
DOB: May 07th, 2018


Confetti is a FANTASTIC quality kitten and would do amazing being shown. Her eye colour is exquisite. And she has the most wonderful loving and playful personality.  You just can't go wrong with this little darling!

Confetti will be fully examined by a licensed veterinarian twice and will receive two FVRCP vaccines before leaving our care. She has been fully dewormed and is out of PKD and FIV/FeLV tested negative parents. 


ready to go end of August


Black Male Persian
DOB: June 3rd, 2018


Angus gets more and more adorable each day. A little black bear!!! His personality matches his irresistible appearance. He is a little clown and loves to play and run around at full speed but also loves to be held and will purr non stop. I don't think its possible for anyone NOT to love this sweet boy!


ready to go end of August 


Brown Mack Tabby Persian Male
DOB: June 3rd, 2018


Bae is a curious little guy and doesn't like to be excluded. He loves to play with his siblings and with crinkle balls. Bae is a little on the quieter side and isn't quite as rambunctious as some of his fur-friends; but he is a great mix of playful and cuddly and will make someone a wonderful furever friend. 


ready to go end of August


Red Classic Tabby Male Persian
DOB: June 5th, 2018


When Flint looks at you, your heart just melts. He just has the most adorable expression! Flint loves to play but would really be just as happy watching Netflix and chillin'. He is a real "family man"!  


ready to go end of August


Flame Lynx Point Himalayan
DOB: June 30rd, 2018


Don't mind Leo's messy face! He thoroughly enjoys his food; which he ate not long before the photos! Leo is a purr-baby and loves to be cuddled. You can't help but smile when watching him jump around and play. He would make a wonderful addition to any family!