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On occasion we meet up with furry kids who are in need of rescue. We do not go out looking for these babies, they find us - someway, somehow. And we are always happy to help an animal in need.

Please remember that our "Garattery" is a separate building with a separate heating and cooling system than our home. We would NEVER put the health and well-being of our own fur-kids at risk. Even though any rescued fur-kids we do happen to take in are in a separate building, we also take every precaution to ensure we do not cross contaminate. These kitties see a licensed veterinarian, are FIV/FeLV tested, vaccinated, de-wormed, bathed with anti-bacterial/anti-fungal shampoo and Revolution treated immediately.

Helping animals in need is part of who I am, just as showing and breeding is.


Sass & Whisper


On October 30th, 2012 I arrived home from Sobeys and was preparing myself to get out of the van and to run into the house, due to the terrible rain caused by Frankenstorm, when I noticed a cold, wet and hungry red and white kitten sitting on my front porch, looking at the door. When this kitten saw me, he bolted and hid under my porch. I went out in the rain with a flashlight offering smelly wet food, to try and get him to come out. Finally after trying for an hour, I put a live trap out to catch him and woke up every hour through the night to check it so if we did catch him, he wasn't sitting out in the rain. It wasn't long before we caught this feral kitten who growled and hissed at our every movement for about 24 hours. Finally, he began to trust me and we became great friends. In fact, Frankie was always begging for love and attention - he just couldn't get enough. We took him to the vet where he was declared

healthy and we had him FIV/FeLV tested, vaccinated, de-wormed and Revolution treated. We started looking for Frankie's new home but he got sick with pneumonia suddenly, which we effectively treated. Frankie was back to normal and we once again started looking for his forever home, but it wasn't long before he sadly got sick again. After two weeks of treating with antibiotics and Frankie not getting better, we took him back to the vets where he was found to have Feline Infectious Anemia (which is a blood parasite that attacks the red blood cells). Luckily treatment for this was only 21 days of a specific antibiotic!! But, Frankie continued to go downhill. He became severely anemic and started to lose his liver function (jaundicing). Frankie also has an abdomen full of fluid which was migrating to his scrotum and after doing a tap, it was confirmed that Frankie not only had Feline Infectious Anemia but also Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) which is a fatal disease, no prevention or cure. Friday January 11th I made the decision to end Frankie's suffering. I fell in love with Frankie and had decided a month before his passing that I would be keeping him here, as my beloved pet. My heart broke and I shed many, many tears on the day I had to let him go. I miss him terribly and will NEVER forget my baby boy.

One day I looked up and there you were,

a tiny scared kitten with soaked red fur

You sat on my front porch looking inside,

Then you saw me and wanted to hide

I looked into your eyes and saw the raw fear,

and it was then I knew that I wouldn’t get near

It was for your own good walking into that trap,

cause within a few days you were glued to my lap

Our plan was to get you real healthy and tame,

and we’d keep you until your new owner came

You were a lovable kitty always wanting to play,

it was no surprise when the kids asked if you could stay

But you soon became quiet and your coat lost its shine,

it wasn’t long before we saw your condition decline

Those beautiful eyes lost the sparkle they once had,

and each time I would look at you I felt so very sad

Then you would come up to me and I’d carry you around.

the purr was instantaneous and boy I loved that sound

Over the last few months you’ve become my lil man,

and it’s not too hard to tell that I’m your biggest fan

I have a bad feeling that we will soon be forced apart,

please know my sweet Frankie that you are forever in my heart

Foo Foo

We were driving down Sweaburg Rd when I saw something move on the side of the road, so I pulled over and turned around to check it out. I parked and started walking across the road and just as I got to the other side, I saw a rabbit hopping towards me, or at least trying to. The rabbit was in bad condition, bleeding from the ears, nose and mouth. I picked her up and put her in a box we had in the van and brought her home. After taking her to the vets it was determined that she was not only blind in her left eye, but the left side of her face was also paralyzed and she was pregnant. Since rabbits rely on their sense of smell and hearing to live in the wild, we knew she would never make it if released. She was put on oral antibiotics as well as eye drops. We fed Foo Foo grass, dandelions, carrots, etc that had been blended with water using a syringe and Foo Foo happily took the syringe and ate. Foo Foo also loved the attention from the kids and would hop out of her cage to greet us. Sadly, one week after we rescued Foo Foo she suffered an aneurism and died on April 28th, 2012. The same day we had a beautiful litter of kittens born here at Heart'nsoul. We named one of those kittens "Heart'nsoul's Lit'l Kitty FuFu" in memory of sweet Foo Foo.


A terrible man decided to drop a momma cat and her kittens off on our rural road in July 2012. Sadly, only momma and one kitten made it to our home where they decided to hide out under the porch. We started putting food out, in the hopes we could gain their trust. Sadly, one morning while leaving the house to run errands, we spotted something on the road. Momma cat was hit and killed by a car, leaving her sweet black and white baby all alone. We took momma cat off of the road and decided to put a live trap out to catch the baby, so she didn't succumb the same fate. We luckily were able to get this sweet kitten, who we named Charm due to the fact she was a polydactyly. She was bathed, vetted, FIV/FeLV tested, vaccinated, de-wormed and Revolution treated. And by the time she left us, she was very loveable as well. She found a wonderful home at the end of July 2012, where she is spoiled and loved to this day.


August 31st, 2021